Komodo Withdrawn From Seven Wonders Nomination

Jakarta, Komodo Today – The Indonesian Tourism and Culture Ministry had in August 15, 2011 announced it had decided to withdraw Taman Nasional Komodo (Komodo National Park) from new seven wonder (N7W) of nature nomination due to lack of financial support to become host or organizer for declaration of the finalists.

Jero Wacik, tourism and culture minister, said N7W Foundation had required Indonesia to pay license fee for host amounting US$10 million and for organizer US$35 million.

“The decision to withdraw was made as the N7W Campaign Committee of N7W Foundation is not professional, inconsistent, not transparant and has no credibility in building understanding with the Indonesian government,” he said.

Jero Wacik however stated that Komodo National Park is remain one of world heritage, crown by UNESCO in 1991, even it fails to enter N7W finalist.

Indonesia has undertaken a series of offline and online campaign for voting Komodo and had successfully entered 28 finalists nomination, from total 440 nominators from 220 countries.

Sapta Nirwandar, marketing general director at tourism and culture ministry, said Komodo National Park as N7W finalist had been intensively promoted to international community during past 3 years.

“We recorded a high growth of foreign visitors to Komodo destination in the past three years,” he said, noting Komodo National Park recorded 45,000 foreign visitors in 2010, increased 25% from 36,000 in 2009, or surged 181% from 16,000 in 2007.

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