P2Komodo: Komodo Still Nominated as New7Wonders of Nature

Jakarta, Komodo Today – The Indonesian government had recently withdrawn the National Komodo Park (TNK) from the nomination of New7Wonders of Nature. But, in fact, Komodo is remain listed on the nomination of 28 wonders of nature participants.

“Komodo is still listed on New7wonders nomination,” Eamonn Fitzgerald, communication head of New7Wonders, said in an official letter to Komodo Official Supporting Committee (P2Komodo) dated August 17, 2011.

As found in New7Wonders website, Komodo National Park is remain listed as one nominator from total 28 participants. The voting period is scheduled to end by November 11, 2011.

Emmy Hafidl, P2Komodo chairman, said in a press briefin on Friday (August 19) that P2Komodo is very disappointed to the government’s decision to revoke Komodo from New7Wonders finalist.

Emmy reveals that New7Wonders is a credible institution as it had gained respects from international political figures, world celebrities as well as the United Nation.

“For us, the main concern is to win Komodo for New7Wonders because this will impact positively on the country’s economy, especially local community,” Emmy was quoted as saying.

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